Advantages of CNC bending machine

CNC bending machines are mainly used to sell ordinary bending machines that require workers to manually operate according to the drawings. But the use of labor not only takes a long time and a lot of effort, but also the accuracy is not high. In addition, training skilled workers take at least one to two years, and if they leave, the factory needs to retrain others. The CNC is simple to operate because of a convenient operating system in the system allows workers to operate in less time and can work continuously 24 hours a day.

When choosing a bending machine, most customers are more willing to buy a CNC bending machine. Since the ordinary machine takes two days to complete the machining, the CNC bending machine can be completed in half a day, and the bending precision is higher.

USUN CNC bending machine function

Mechanical welded structure, good rigidity, good stability, strong anti-interference and strong stability.

The motor has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, energy saving, large starting torque and convenient maintenance.

Rear ball screw, linear guide, servo motor, belt control to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

It can produce high-efficiency, high-precision, high-standard workpieces to meet customer needs. With the development of the times, the advantages of CNC bending machines are becoming more and more obvious. It is increasingly able to meet changing market demands.

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