CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine


  • Adopt ball screw,linear guide and servo motor to drive the back gauge
  • Integrated steel welded structure,eliminate stress by vibration
  • Adopt the advanced hydraulic integrated valve block
  • Optional Estun E200PS, DELEM DAC310s and DELEM DAC360s, Cybelec CT8 CNC controller
  • Serials connection of oil cylinder to prevent the cutting angle changing
  • Manual/automatic adjustment of blade clearance
  • Adjustable shear angle to reduce sheet distortion

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USUN CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine with Integrated steel welded structure,eliminate stress by vibration.Optional China famous CNC E200PS or Netherlands DELEM DAC360 CNC controller.Serial linked oil cylinder,so the cutting angle will not change during the operation of the shearing machine


Estun E21S NC controller

Estun E21s, E200PS and Delem DAC310s controller can be used.

Front Table

It can reduce the contact between the sheet and the worktable and reduce the work intensity.

Hydraulic Hold-down Pads

The lower end of the press cylinder is made of non-metal material, which has certain elasticity and large friction coefficient. When cutting the sheet, the press pad can be in close contact with the material plate to provide sufficient friction to effectively prevent the plate from being shaken during the shearing process.


The guillotine shear design consists of a box-type bed frame that is fully welded to the workbench. The frame produces high stiffness to balance the torque load generated by the shear forces.

Germany SIEMENS Motor

We're using the Siemens motor to ensure the service life of the machine.
REXROTH Hydraulic System

REXROTH Hydraulic System

The BOSCH (Rexroth) integrated hydraulic system is compact. The system pressure control adopts electro-hydraulic proportional pressure valve, and the whole process pressure can be programmed and controlled to ensure stable and reliable machine performance.

Ball Screw

Taiwan PMI ball screw is adopted to ensure the movement of the backgauge in high precision.

Motorized Blade Gap Adjustment

The operator can quickly set the desired blade clearance via the electronic knob on the controller.

Blade & Laser Light Alignment

Blade material 6CrW2Si. Only the highest quality cutting blades are used to ensure the longest service life and the least number of sharpenings. The laser light alignment device will help you positioning the cutting line quickly. This is convenient and time-saving.


Angle Positioning

The angle positioning device has a scale rod, which is quickly processed and applied by a manual positioning lock to cut irregular sections.

Pneumatic Sheet Support

The cylinder drive is used to complete the loading and unloading of the plate with the shearing action, which improves the working precision of the workpiece. It can reduce the sagging deformation of the plate during shearing and improve the shearing effect.

Cooling System

Cooling hydraulic oil.

Premium Backgauge

With high quality and precise backgauge which is controlled by servo motor.

Rear Light Curtain

For the protection of the back side.

Standard Components

• Estun E21S NC controller
• Germany BOSCH-REXROTH hydraulic system
• Germany SIEMENS motor
• SAEMP/Sunny oil pump
• Taiwan PMI/PYM ball screw
• Germany cutting sleeves and joint
• France Schneider eletrics
• Light alignment device
• Manual blade gap adjustment
• Motorized cutting angle adjustment
• Blade material 6CrW2Si/H13

Optional Components

• Motorized cutting angle adjustment device
• Estun E200PS servo motor & drive + Taiwan PMI ball screw.
• Cybelec CT8 controller
• DAC 360 servo motor & drive + Taiwan PMI ball screw & linear guide
• Auto blade gap & cutting angle adjustment
• Cooling System
• Rear pneumatic support