Common fault problems of CNC bending machines

Oil Pump Noise and Vibration or Heating too Fast, Oil Pump Damage:

  • The oil temperature is too low and the viscosity is high, resulting in high oil and oil absorption.
  • The oil pump’s inlet line leaks or the tank level is too low, causing the pump to stall.
  • The suction port filter is clogged due to the dirtiness.
  • Installation or rough operation caused damage to the oil pump.
  • The oil flow rate is not up to standard or the outlet high pressure filter is clogged.
  • Starve the pump: There is oil, but there is air in the pump inlet.
  • Hydraulic oil contains water that may cause blockage and damage the high pressure filter.
  • If the oil temperature is too high (within 60ºC), the viscosity will decrease.

The Reason for Not Increasing System Pressure or Pressure:

  • The oil pump runs in the wrong direction and causes damage.
    The pressure control valve has an electrical signal and whether the valve is blocked.
    The prefill valve is stuck.
    Compensation amplifier index is set too low.

The Pressure Rises Slowly:

  • The orifice of the pressure valve X port may be blocked.
    The cartridge valve on the pressure valve may not be flexible.
    Whether the high pressure oil filter is clogged.

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