• Adopt integrated welding, and tempering to eliminate the internal stress
  • Adopt shot blast to remove rust and sprayed with anti-rust treatment
  • Frame is formed by the imported CNC three-dimensional machining center
  • Quiet speed waiting and fast down, (about 25 decibels), low noise during pressing and return
  • The main oil pump does not apply work under the drive of the servo main motor
  • The machine oil temperature is stable
  • Adopt the latest high-frequency hydraulic control technology

USUN Catalog

Check out the technical data sheet

WAD Electro- Hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake

With our USUN press brake WAD series you can obtain an optimal bending process and excellent bending results from the first workpiece. Our bending machine with back gauge driven by servo motor and ball screw,guided by two linear bearings.Optimization design,ensuring machine tool’s design aesthetics,reliable structure, and stable work.


Mechanical Structure

The main mechanical structure of the press brake consists of the frame, column, ram, worktable, the main cylinder and backgauge. The main components are through finite element analysis and optimized design by 3D software to fully guarantee the structural strength and rigidity of each component.


The foundation of every ADH press brake is a solid, mono-block frame which made from high yield steel. Which means our press brakes will perform accurately and reliably year after year. Every press brake frame is tempered. We' re so confident in our frames so that we offer a 15-year warranty with our standard machines.


Our WAD series press brake can be equipped with Delem DA52s, DA58T, DA66T controller and Esa S530, S630 controller. The selection of the controller should be based on practical use and budget.

Main Motor

The motor of our press brake is adopt world famous brand "Siemens", which will not only has low noise during working of the machine but also has longer service life.

Oil Pump

Hoerbiger/Voith/ELKERLE: Amazing low noise, made of high strength cast iron and unique design for inner noise reduction Low sensitivity to oil pollution and assure of long service life

Hydraulic System

Our press brake machine uses Hoerbiger integrated hydraulic control system that make it more reliable and easy for maintenance.

Electrical System

Our press brake adopt Schneider electrical components. The high quality electric parts can make the machine performing well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the world.


We using the Taiwan PMI ball screw and linear guide to ensure the moving of X-axis with higher accuracy than using rod. And the backgauge adopt timing belt & wheel mechanism which controlled by servo motor instead of step motor. The height of the backgauge finger can be adjusted manually. Totally there're THREE pcs of backgauge fingers for positioning.

Fast Clamp

The standard equipped fast clamp will help you replace the top punch in very short time. Convenient and time-saving. Fast intermediate loading and unloading function to improve work efficiency


Multi Axis

The backgauge of the press brake can equip with at most 6 axis for high accuracy and efficiency performance.

Rear Light Curtain

The rear light curtain will protect the worker behind the machine.

Front Light Curtain

The front light curtain will be very helpful for protecting the fingers of the operators.

Laser Protection

Does not affect the efficiency of the press brake, can completely solve the safety problem.

Manual Crowning

The crowning will compensate for the deflection of the worktable during bending process so as to obtain higher working precision.

Mechanical Crowning

The motorized crowning system will adjust the parallelism and straightness automatically.

Standard Components

• Delem DA52s, DA58T, DA66T, Esa S630 controller
• 3+1 axis control (Y1, Y2, X+V)
• Grating ruler (Spanish FAGOR)
• Germany HOERBIGER/BOSCH-REXROTH proportional valve
• Germany VOITH/ECKERLE or American Sunny oil pump
• SIEMENS main motor
• Ball screw & linear guide -Taiwan PMI
• Backgauge positioning system
• Double servo motor & servo drive
• Manual mechanical crowning (below 100T)
• Motorized crowning (above 100T)
• 180° adjustable front support arm with linear guide
• X,Y axis servo motor control
• Fast clamp
• JS fittings
• Amada or Euro type tooling

Optional Components

• Wila Hydraulic Clamp (Top & Bottom) - Netherlands
• Main servo motor
• Sheet Followers
• Front light curtain
• Rear light curtain
• Front laser protection
• Air cooling system
• R axis
• Motorized Z axis
• R1, R2 axis
• Z1, Z2 axis
• X1, X2 axis