Advantages of CNC bending machine

CNC bending machines are mainly used to sell ordinary bending machines that require workers to manually operate according to the drawings. But the use of labor not only takes a long time and a lot of effort, but also the accuracy is not high. In addition, training skilled workers take at least one to two
Oil Pump Noise and Vibration or Heating too Fast, Oil Pump Damage: The oil temperature is too low and the viscosity is high, resulting in high oil and oil absorption. The oil pump’s inlet line leaks or the tank level is too low, causing the pump to stall. The suction port filter is clogged due
CNC shearing machines have many places to maintain, and must first be operated in strict accordance with the working procedures. Before starting the machine, the lubricating oil should be regularly added according to the requirements of the lubrication program. The oil should be clean and free of sediment. The CNC shearing machine must be kept
The shearing machine is an industrial device with a rotating disc and a blade for cutting hard iron plates and metal bars. The term shear refers to the application of a high-pressure tool on a metal rod to remove a portion of the metal. All metal scissors use the same technique when cutting, with a