What are the common parts CNC shearing machine?

The shearing machine is an industrial device with a rotating disc and a blade for cutting hard iron plates and metal bars. The term shear refers to the application of a high-pressure tool on a metal rod to remove a portion of the metal. All metal scissors use the same technique when cutting, with a fixed upper blade, a lower blade and a gap that separates the two. When a force is applied to the upper blade, it forces the lower blade to cut and divide the metal into two parts. Shears are available in a variety of industrial applications such as cutting, pressing, stamping, bending and sheet metal stretching of various sizes.

The CNC, Mechanical and hydraulic are the three main and generally preferred ways of plant components. The CNC shearing machine is top-of-the-line computer-aided workshop equipment that reflects the improved performance of automated operations. The common components of CNC shearing machine have:

  • Mechanical Parts: Backsplash motor, universal bezel screw, tailgate, blade clearance adjustment, fan gear, hydraulic shear blade, cylinder, and cylinder return ball, blade operated bearing, tool post connection, nitrogen bottle return, pressure gauge rod synchronous connection, various types of bolts, etc.
  • Fittings: Relief valve, solenoid valve, check valve, combination valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, pressure gauge switch, filter screen, liquid level gauge, left and right cylinder, nitrogen cylinder, presser foot, oil valve plate, hydraulic oil pipe, various combination pads, And sealing ring.
  • Circuit accessories and electrical components: Main motor, motor power button switch, main motor start button, emergency stop button switch, hydraulic cut single or continuous work knob, light switch, electrical box terminal, time relay, transformer, power control switch, other control protection switch , rectifier bridge, front and rear limit, blade stop after stroke control switch, motor, fluorescent device, foot switch, electrical panel in front of button control box, electrical box, CNC shearing machine system, etc.

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